Ridgefield High School Lacrosse

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To be a member of the RHS Lacrosse program is a privilege and not a right. Team members must abide by the Ridgefield Athletics Training Expectations, ALL school and CIAC rules pertaining to athletics, as well as all rules established by the coaching staff. (Refer to the Student-Parent Handbook.

  • The use of drugs, alcohol, performance enhancing substances and tobacco will not be tolerated. 
  • You are expected to be at ALL practices and games on time. Unexcused absences from team activities will result in missed playing time. Injured players must abide by this rule as well. (Schedule routine doctor/dentist appointments around the practice schedule.) 
  • Practices/games are scheduled Mon-Sat throughout the entire season (and Sunday once in a while based upon scheduling or playoffs).  Please use the Ridgefield Athletics web site to check for rain-outs, cancelled practices, changes in game or practice times, etc. Please encourage your player to sign up for notifications from the Remind App.
  • VACATIONS: The lacrosse schedule extends through the Spring break vacation. Team members are expected to attend all practices and games during this vacation period.  (Refer to the Vacation Policy in the Student-Parent Handbook and our practice schedule which will be posted on the Ridgefield Athletics website.)
  • All team members will travel together to and from games and scrimmages.
  • The use of foul or abusive language during practices or games will not be tolerated. Opponents, officials, coaches and spectators must be treated with respect.
  • Team members are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner at all times. The privilege of participating in the lacrosse program carries with it the responsibility of maintaining a good image at school and within the community. 
  • You are expected to attend all of your classes every day and work to the best of your ability in each class. Remember, you are a student first. 
  • Violation of the above rules or any conduct detrimental to the Ridgefield LACROSSE Program (as determined by the coaching staff) is subject to suspension or expulsion from the TEAM.

Communicating with the Coaching Staff


We understand that parents have great interest in the welfare of their child and that it is possible that, from time to time, disagreements between the coach and the parents may occur. 


All issues between an athlete and a coach should FIRST be dealt with between each other. If the conflict cannot be resolved between the coach and athlete, then the athlete should make an appointment with the Athletics Director to inform him/her of the problem. At this time parents are urged to make an appointment with the coach to share their concerns. In the event that acceptable solutions cannot be secured the parent should then contact the Athletics Director. If additional discussions are required to resolve the problem, the parent has the right to appeal decisions through the administration. 

I encourage open dialogue between our coaches, players and parents. However, there are limits to what is appropriate for discussion. Some general guidelines:

  1. 24 Hour Rule: We will implement a “24 Hour Rule” for all communication between parents and/or players & the coaching staff.  Coaches will not discuss any issue with a parent or player until 24 hours has passed since the incident which caused the concern (unless it is tied to player safety).  This policy will allow a cooling down period and some reflection time for both the parent, the player and the coaching staff.

2.   Playing time and/or strategy are not appropriate topics for discussion between coach and parent. They are, however, appropriate topics of conversation between a player and his coach.  Please encourage your son to speak directly with his coach when these matters arise.

3.   If your son is unable to resolve the problem by speaking with his coach, let the coach know you would like to speak and set up a time to do so. Discussions will not take place immediately before, during, or immediately after games or practices. 

4.   Prior to a parent requesting a meeting with a coach, please discuss the matter with your child first.  The coaching staff will not meet with you unless you have already had a conversation with your son. Please ask your son the following questions before coming to meet with a coach: “Are you enjoying the season?”  “Are you happy to be a part of this team?” “Do you think you deserve more playing time?” Make sure your concerns are also their concerns. Discussions between coach and parent cannot and will not include the names of other players.

5.   If your son is unable to resolve the problem by speaking with his coach, let the coach know you would like to speak and set up a time to do so. Discussions will not take place immediately before, during, or immediately after games or practices (see “24 hour rule” above). 

6.   We expect our parents to support us and to treat the referees and opposing players, fans and coaches with respect. 

We are looking forward to a great season.  Thank you in advance for your support of our teams, players and the coaching staff!              

Coach Colsey and Staff.